Release 2023.3
Commit #60c277 - Bumped API version to 9
Commit #90c225 - Fixed not getting minecraft names correctly
Commit #0a81f8 - Fixed NPC players cannot attack other players
Commit #a08a84 - Fixed errors when entering portals not inside an island
Commit #90c3e3 - Added support for 1.20.2
Commit #7a997a - Added API support for handling with internal aspects and handling of player interactions
Commit #84aa3d - Fixed detection of supported and unsupported versions
Commit #0007d3 - Moved all warp icons to a dedicated class
Commit #5d6446 - Fixed a NPE when changing the slot of a warp category
Commit #b8713c - Fixed loading of worlds when the plugin starts
Commit #c4194c - Added support for Oraxen for custom values for their custom blocks
Commit #2db241 - Added support for ItemsAdder
Commit #570ccf - Fixed errors thrown when loading islands if using custom block keys in generator rates
Commit #d0c159 - Fixed many errors when placing spawners with no entity inside them
Commit #623917 - Fixed issues regarding calculation of unloaded chunks that weren't saved to disk yet
Commit #d5f1fd - Removed support for 1.19-1.19.3
Commit #e89003 - Fixed adding material name to entity limits causing errors
Commit #784634 - Changed settings handler to never be null, similar to the other handles
Commit #6c0c1c - Added check for CustomKey to not have its global key as a valid Material or EntityType
Commit #63bbc7 - Moved all enum related methods to EnumHelper
Commit #7e38d2 - Fixed getting spawner keys may lead to creation of CustomKey from Keys#ofMaterialAndData
Commit #142860 - Optimized finding safe spots logic
Commit #2535a9 - Changed it so ChunksProvider#loadChunk will check first whether the chunk is currently loaded before trying to load it again
Commit #4aed7a - Fixed a ClassCastException when breaking a block that an Hanging Sign is placed on
Commit #941780 - Changed it so entities will not be counted when chunks are unloaded/loaded
Commit #91a2e0 - Fixed chunks with minecarts being kept loaded
Commit #8c444b - Fixed recalculation of block counts not taking into-count minecarts
Commit #4c8fa1 - Added support to multiple enchantments placeholders
Commit #0879fb - Fixed blocks broken by pistons not being tracked correctly
Commit #aa5aeb - Fixed detection of block values that are read from the config files
Commit #a58222 - Fixed disabling explosions on island does not deal damage to players
Commit #3c4f5a - Fixed backwards-compatibility with Key#of() method
Commit #ec7f59 - Fixed KeyMap#removeIf fails if there are custom keys registered
Commit #b53dc6 - Added new PAPI placeholder %superior_island_uuid% to return island UUID
Commit #0f8ff8 - Added methods for the new Key types to the API
Commit #f43d2e - Changed limits in config to be sections instead of lists
Commit #97a1be - Fixed MaterialKeySet throwing errors when using MaterialKeySet#contains
Commit #ecbdc7 - Fixed MaterialKeySet throwing errors when using MaterialKeySet#contains
Commit #0bf6e5 - Optimized usage of Key
Commit #bf2500 - Fixed island chests not saved to DB correctly with MySQL
Commit #81e2a6 - Fixed checking for error message in Vault support even if the transaction was successful
Commit #9d27c0 - Fixed invalid isCompatible method for ChangeSkinHook
Commit #a605b5 - Added check to whether SkinsRestorer is running in Proxy mode
Commit #205d38 - Fixed SSB prevents player portals when the destination worlds are disabled
Commit #c05b23 - Fixed extraRadius in ProtectionListener#preventInteraction not being used
Commit #f52a7f - Added support for SkinsRestorer v15
Commit #ef83d6 - Added support to UltimateStacker3
Commit #870c63 - Merge branch 'dev' of into dev
Commit #02f2ef - Fixed issues when trying to pickup items on the island border
Commit #6ed52f - Fixed incorrect table name when removing custom data from islands
Commit #1bdad0 - Optimized the way inventories are serialized into DB
Commit #480e65 - Fixed cast error when throwing entities into void
Commit #ea0917 - Fixed interact/farm_tramping privileges blocking the ability to fertilize sweet berry bushes
Commit #097618 - Added cache for Bukkit worlds in ChunkPosition
Commit #567530 - Added synchronize blocks on access of openedMenuViews
Commit #464343 - Fixed vehicles in void don't have their block removed from the block counts
Commit #0ef061 - Fixed after disabling coop-members there are still mentions of them in places in the plugin
Commit #e292e8 - Added cache to the toString of keys
Commit #d2a5ee - Changed hash code calculation of keys to be lazy
Commit #a72f44 - Potential optimization for keys
Commit #f13a1a - Fixed entity despawning doesn't check whether the entity can bypass limit, causing incorrect entity counts
Commit #8998ea - Moved checks on whether entity can have limit to be checked before checking islands for potential optimizations
Commit #77ffa6 - Removed the role placeholder from the coops menu by default
Commit #e27fe7 - Added support for chorus plants
Commit #f1f561 - Fixed default farmer missions have incorrect placeholders
Commit #f31b2d - Fixed some plant types has different sapling types than the actual grown block, causing issues with detecting them
Commit #d3e67c - Fixed detection of planting bamboos
Commit #5ea6ec - Fixed default crop types in the farmer missions are invalid
Commit #730a04 - Added use to the KeyBlocksCache in other places in the code
Commit #46f636 - Added some sort of cache for creating Key out of blocks for island calculation for better performance
Commit #452951 - Fixed tnt-minecart still working even when TNT is disabled
Commit #3e5ad1 - Fixed ender dragon fights not working in 1.20
Commit #216793 - Fixed detection of crop types not working correctly in 1.8
Commit #fd5b4b - Added support to clear Slimefun data when chunks are wiped
Release 2023.2
Commit #2c16c3 - Increased API version to 8
Commit #bd1635 - Fixed default signs not being placed correctly in 1.20
Commit #572b8e - Fixed colors not working with default-signs section
Commit #533c93 - Added minecraft keys mapper to Bukkit names support
Commit #42919a - Added the ability to fetch heads directly from without needing the texture value
Commit #fda6b2 - Fixed having sync worth set without SGP installed causing worth values to be -1
Commit #1add57 - Updated the values menu to include zombified piglins instead of the old zombie pigmans in 1.16+
Commit #dd64c1 - Fixed sounds not working for some menus
Commit #f0c936 - Fixed spawners not being calculated
Commit #4eaaff - Added the ability to use mob drop multiplier that are less than 1
Commit #2ffbf0 - Fixed the ability to dispense buckets of water and lava outside of the island
Commit #ef737d - Fixed errors when having `obsidian-to-lava` feature enabled and using it in non-island worlds
Commit #686ce5 - Added support to 1.20.1
Commit #e179b5 - Optimized chunk calculations
Commit #30834a - Fixed entities not being tracked in the time the entity recalculation is in cooldown
Commit #70af1b - Optimized unnecessary checks to whether the upgrade is enabled when applying effects to all players in the island
Commit #e0b37c - Fixed going between islands in some cases not giving island effects
Commit #71ce83 - Fixed `/is team` exposing when players join/leave even when they are vanished
Commit #e5136f - Added profiler to island calculation
Commit #dd8f48 - Added profiler to chunk loading
Commit #7d937f - Added basic profiler implementation
Commit #b58c88 - Fixed boats not considered as valid entities to limit
Commit #856445 - Fixed block counts being saved when structure grow, bypassing the threshold
Commit #f5c91c - Added the ability to see original stack traces with log messages
Commit #31842f - Removed all instances where slots are treated as 1 slot only
Commit #8b9488 - Fixed upgrades not supporting more than one slot
Commit #5426e9 - Fixed NPE errors when clicking in `/is warp` menu on empty slots
Commit #b48355 - Fixed detection of tile entities in schematics in 1.12
Commit #83fbaa - Revert "Fixed errors about name cannot be null when creating islands"
Commit #ccd348 - Re-added the old constructor of IslandCreationResult
Commit #c82323 - Fixed Island#clearBlockCounts not clearing the currentTotalBlockCounts counter
Commit #4ce19d - Fixed creation of islands fails due to name already exists when disabling name requirement
Commit #8c3281 - Fixed the ability to create two islands with the same name
Commit #0a91db - Fixed errors about name cannot be null when creating islands
Commit #71f819 - Fixed overriding custom island creation algorithms that were registered
Commit #16d02a - Fixed the ability to set world borders with negative size
Commit #5c58c0 - Added configurable block counts save threshold
Commit #1734de - Fixed changing upgrades using does not update crop growth multipliers
Commit #d2d845 - Fixed the ability do color signs in other islands
Commit #a0ea09 - Changed the block updates counter to be per-island instead of global one, potentially decreasing the amount of updates that are sent to the DB
Commit #fa3d99 - Changed ShopGUIPlus hook to be handled by ShopsBridge
Commit #0a6f00 - Fixed removal of vehicles not detected by the plugin
Commit #85a2ba - Fixed tab complete includes disabled commands
Commit #e8c0fb - Fixed latest Oraxen versions throwing errors
Commit #d7119e - Fixed islands last-time-update is saved to DB when the islands are considered active
Commit #9b3d1d - Fixed last time update of islands is not saved correctly to DB
Commit #3b448e - Fixed mobs burn from sun below schematics blocks even when lights-update is enabled
Commit #b5a71b - Fixed incorrectly counting entities when loading the entire island
Commit #ee17ee - Fixed incorrectly using collection types causing lag
Commit #4a7620 - Potential fix for errors when getting block limits
Commit #c183c9 - Recoded and optimized the missions core code
Commit #d7b2cd - Removed unused file
Commit #f491a5 - Fixed missions not having all their classes loaded due to the way missions are loaded
Commit #b3e8e9 - Fixed another NoSuchMethodError when using 1.19.4 Spigot
Commit #6d113b - Increased the delay of forcing prices loading
Commit #340d29 - Fixed a dupe glitch involving crops and beds
Commit #377d12 - Fixed a NoSuchMethodError thrown when using 1.19.4 spigot
Commit #3b5ad9 - Potential fix for island top not sorted out correctly
Commit #8c97cb - Changed the time the plugin forces to load prices to be done a second after the server was enabled instead of the first player that joins
Commit #3e734d - Fixed not detecting growth of berry sweet bush
Commit #c255b7 - Fixed the ability to take books out of lecterns on other islands
Commit #836677 - Fixed cancelling the BlockUnstackEvent not actually cancelling the original event
Release 2023.1
Commit #3ee434 - Fixed brewing tracking not checking for required missions
Commit #5441df - Removed support for 1.18.1
Commit #fc9127 - Grouped all sub-modules
Commit #443fb1 - Fixed prices are still loaded before ShopGUIPlus had loaded their shops data
Commit #4f273b - Fixed incorrectly printing errors from ShopGUIPlus
Commit #15d487 - Feature : Add cancellable IslandKickEvent !
Commit #1f4fd0 - Fixed island effects not being removed from players when disbanding islands
Commit #4f7932 - Fixed island effects not being applied correctly when upgrading
Commit #0a510e - Added missing potted variants to the interactables list
Commit #0c01da - Fixed precision rounding money upwards sometimes, causing transitions to fail
Commit #900b33 - Fixed putting eyes in end portal frames in some direction causing them to be tracked twice as broken
Commit #483b57 - Added support for 1.19.4
Commit #068ca0 - Removed Citizens from the load-before section in plugin.yml
Commit #74f060 - Fixed using older versions of ChangeSkin causing errors in console
Commit #0e0a7f - Potential fix for prices from ShopGUIPlus never load (#1594, #1599)
Commit #529cdc - Fixed an UnsupportedOperationException when opening bank logs menu
Commit #411c79 - Potential fix for levels sometime can be 0 when calculated using formula
Commit #37cd91 - Fixed a NPE when opening warp categories menu
Commit #071890 - Fixed an out-of-bounds exception when using warp categories menu
Commit #40488c - Fixed new islands not detected as active, causing redstone to not function
Commit #d04124 - Fixed incorrect detection of generator blocks in some cases
Commit #9303b5 - Fixed plugin not compiling
Commit #e2374c - Fixed a NPE when running replacePlayers on islands
Commit #cd0291 - Fixed a typo in TELEPORT_WARMUP_CANCEL
Commit #43bdeb - Fixed errors when incorrectly configuring island preview locations
Commit #cba21e - Fixed a NPE when tab-completing admin commands
Commit #479cc2 - Fixed fetching prices before they are loaded by ShopGUIPlus
Commit #ef2b14 - Fixed entities not tracked towards entity limits
Commit #817cce - Fixed generated cobblestone blocks making level and worth go down
Commit #f614a9 - Fixed refreshView does not properly refresh the views
Commit #908e65 - Fixed setting generator rate to 0 while having it as an upgrade reward causing it to reset after a restart
Commit #081c14 - Fixed incorrect detection of the block that is being broken when BlockFormEvent is fired
Commit #1cfe45 - Fixed players with UUID 0 can exist
Commit #19fa67 - Fixed infinite recursive call when calling cancelAllIslandPreviews async while disabling the plugin
Commit #64f6f3 - Fixed detection of minecarts placed by a dispenser not counted towards island level or block limits
Commit #f99cdc - Fixed stacked blocks (and potentially other data) not being inserted correctly to database
Commit #40d7da - Added log messages when loading player data of unrecognized players
Commit #137c95 - Fixed a typo in code
Commit #d192bf - Fixed a NPE when removeTextureValueTimeStamp is called
Commit #bf0a84 - Fixed issues when changing uuids of players (#1513, #1354)
Commit #48f440 - Fixed detection of equal texture values being incorrect due to different timestamps
Commit #c6a61f - Changed database queries to not occur if the data was not actually been changed (in case it was set to the same value)
Commit #bf8779 - Fixed modules (and other jars that the plugin need to load) not loaded correctly sometimes
Commit #efa054 - Fixed unloading modules not actually freeing the handles to the files, making it impossible to delete the jar until the entire server stops
Commit #c2f7ed - Fixed not all modules are reloaded when running reload command
Commit #7d5ce7 - Fixed detection of enchanting items through an anvil for enchanting missions
Commit #8f58ac - Potential fix for items landing on the edge of the island cannot be picked up
Commit #b56a78 - Added more debug messages to replacing players
Commit #abff69 - Potential fix for players not converted properly
Commit #69ea7f - Fixed generators not working if water is coming from above
Commit #73026e - Fixed errors from WildStacker ignored and may lead to errors when calculating islands
Commit #7ddfd2 - Added debug messages to replacing players
Commit #dcd194 - Fixed incorrect calls to Log#warnFromFile instead of Log#warn
Commit #83fe91 - Fixed and optimized detection of entity categories
Commit #027d5c - Fixed concurrent error with farming missions
Commit #cc3649 - Added more indicative errors when modules or missions fail to load
Commit #06b12b - Fixed not all sorting types are sorted on startup
Commit #089d86 - Changed hoglins to not be considered as animals
Commit #decfdd - Fixed incorrectly detecting permissions for the spawn island
Commit #ed5b42 - Fixed detection of chunk boundaries for the spawn island
Commit #3180e7 - Fixed settings and permissions menu require the IslandFlag/IslandPrivilege to be loaded at the time of loading the menu
Commit #dce17f - Fixed upgrades menu not functional after reload
Commit #de12d8 - Fixed skip menu not working correctly for creation menu
Commit #0c994e - Added support for 1.19.3
Commit #772844 - Added debug messages for permission lookups
Commit #11c88f - Fixed ManagerLoadException not printing the error message
Commit #405b13 - Fixed top islands not sorted on startup and when bonus for islands is changed
Commit #f937d1 - Fixed menus not updated when using /is admin reload
Commit #01558c - Fixed warp categories menu opened even if there's only one category available
Commit #e0c70e - Fixed teleporting to warps from the menu opens the previous one
Commit #f1a064 - Fixed skip-one-item feature not working at all
Commit #e7c24b - Added the ability to configure specific menus to be skipped if they only have one item
Commit #e5bd4e - Changed Log#debug to automatically detect class and method names from the stack trace
Commit #6538c9 - Fixed regular entities not being teleported correctly by island portals
Commit #a4f7ce - Fixed incorrect upgrade level provided to the IslandUpgradeLevel when ranking up
Commit #b7fc60 - Added cause reason for IslandUpgradeEvent
Commit #a4c086 - Added debug message for when firing events
Commit #35efb9 - Fixed purging islands making the server hang out when disabling it
Commit #ce6268 - Fixed issue with detection of the correct version of SkinsRestorer with newer versions of the plugin
Commit #644399 - Fixed left-clicking on the top islands causes the visitor menus to open instead of the values menu
Commit #4dadab - Fixed non-indicative error when setting the default world as the islands world
Commit #517359 - Fixed effects conflicting with beacon effects
Commit #90bdf9 - Fixed disabling warp categories still opening the warp categories menu
Commit #644cd1 - Fixed issues with top menu not working properly
Commit #d5e615 - Added a useful method to MenuParser
Commit #d10ff5 - Implemented Menus API
Commit #211500 - Fixed incorrectly showing errors when parsing menus
Commit #7f1896 - Fixed a NPE when clearing inventories for offline players
Commit #e873d3 - Fixed entities still counted towards entity tracking even when not necessary
Commit #0e92e2 - Potential fix for other plugins trying to access EntityHologram and fail as it's private
Commit #ea832e - Fixed errors in recent versions of Spigot with the custom timings
Commit #ff0aa4 - Renamed the loggers for the modules
Commit #09d81e - Fixed setting fly to players when they are not inside the island
Commit #f1bec2 - Fixed warnings about deprecated usage of CustomTimingsHandler with IslandMissions
Commit #52379b - Fixed a NPE when trying to teleport to an empty island
Commit #44599c - Fixed island flags not saved correctly in some cases
Commit #efa350 - Fixed debug messages not printed in the correct format
Commit #e43838 - Fixed mossy cobblestone (and other blocks that contain "COBBLESTONE" in their name) to not work properly in generators
Commit #7d5758 - Fixed null errors due to null listener registration with IslandMissions
Commit #25e1d7 - Fixed explorer 2 not detecting end schematic correctly
Commit #d5448b - Fixed not all SSB events work with IslandMissions
Commit #b5f50b - Added the ability to change respawn behavior with the plugin
Commit #de8098 - Fixed yaw and pitch of the spawn location not being used when teleporting
Commit #33f741 - Fixed the ability to spawn end crystals on other islands
Commit #481683 - Optimized breaking of multiple blocks all at once can cause the server to eventually crash
Commit #f0b9d9 - Added the option to print stack trace for debug messages
Commit #472371 - Changed API version to 6
Release 2022.9
Commit #f500d9 - Fixed entities only checked if they are in the center chunk of the island
Commit #48e035 - Added `ANIMAL_SHEAR` as a permission for coop players by default
Commit #3212e2 - Fixed all places where deleting warps breaking any sign instead of only warp signs
Commit #26ef48 - Fixed completed missions not merged correctly when updating players
Commit #6a3632 - Fixed persistent data is not merged correctly when updating players
Commit #814ecb - Removed untracking of entities when chunks are loaded as it's unnecessary
Commit #d96ae8 - Fixed detection of removal of generator rates, warp limits and more
Commit #a18bbf - Fixed detection of sign warps when deleting them
Commit #81bc8d - Changed handle access from private to protected in all the delegate classes
Commit #b7e478 - Fixed islands in other worlds are not detected correctly
Commit #8dd384 - Changed DirtyChunksContainer to not call Island#getCenter
Commit #181186 - Reverted IslandPosition not requiring world names
Commit #38b9cb - Removed call to Island#getCenter when adding islands to cache
Commit #3e72c5 - Fixed database bridge is not in IDLE mode when creating an island
Commit #79332a - Fixed crop growth not working in 1.17
Commit #0d8d70 - Fixed mob counts reset when chunks unload while in recalculate cooldown
Commit #2b67ec - Changed it so when adding new islands to the container it doesn't require their world to be loaded at that time
Commit #c12e3c - Removed the requirement of IslandPosition to be associated with a world
Commit #79a95e - Removed the requirement of IslandPosition to be associated with a world
Commit #83e5c4 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into dev
Commit #3e1888 - Fixed IslandJoinEvent not called when using `/is admin join`, as well as added a cause to the event
Commit #f3cca4 - Fix world must be an island exception
Commit #18b25b - Potential optimization for positions hashing
Commit #b00b53 - Added PluginLoadDataEvent
Commit #2b519f - [SKIP-CI] Renamed Log#warn of files to Log#warnFromFile to not confuse between the two
Commit #563212 - Added a warning message when the world is small due to misconfigure of max-world-size in
Commit #ebcc66 - Added LazyWorldsProvider used for getting info about worlds without loading them
Commit #0649d4 - Fixed default sign lines not working in 1.17+
Commit #4b2514 - Fixed schematics not placed in 1.12 spigot
Commit #09aaae - Fixed chunks getting loaded again after chunk is unloaded
Commit #e133e5 - Optimized calculation of hash code for island positions
Commit #d8a253 - Fixed debug message of SET_BONUS_LEVEL showing incorrect method name
Commit #7a69da - Fixed custom database bridges not registered correctly
Commit #8145e9 - Changed factories to not be null and instead have instances for default factories
Commit #78b42d - Changed it so it's possible to register null factories
Commit #47611b - Fixed the ability to have border sizes larger than the max-island-size
Commit #48293f - Added more information when setting center of an island which is not valid
Commit #4bcb22 - Changed `/is members` and `/is visitors` to be commands of their own
Commit #9b856f - Fixed banned players not teleported to spawn when they join the server inside an island they are banned from
Commit #ca72ad - Fixed banning people not working
Commit #b2a18c - Fixed incorrect check of whether chunks are inside the island or not
Commit #8da6fb - Fixed incorrect logging of errors in some places within the plugin
Commit #c34499 - Moved the chunks tracker into the Island object
Commit #fbfb08 - Fixed newly created islands don't have their island chest properly initialized
Commit #2898ed - Fixed incorrect lookups of island members
Commit #c24b2c - Fixed incorrect lookups of warps by their locations
Commit #c733f5 - Fixed islands might have the default world not marked as generated
Commit #c11e4c - Fixed issues with syncing generator rates from upgrades
Commit #fc21b7 - Changed islands to not have IDLE database mode when created automatically
Commit #f10901 - Fixed default world not registered as a generated schematic world, making block calculates to not work
Commit #73670e - Potential fix for schematics in the other worlds not placed in the islands-height configured
Commit #265f91 - Fixed mob spawners converting into pigs in 1.16.5 when using Airplane
Commit #40df51 - Fixed an error when initializing the NashornEngine of the plugin with lower versions of Java
Commit #953b9f - Changed the way the plugin debug and logs messages
Commit #870994 - Added warning messages when marking chunks as dirty and the calculation is wrong
Commit #1fb8f9 - Fixed a NPE when creating a SuperiorPlayer object for a player that doesn't exist
Commit #5a2d42 - Fixed a NPE when creating warps
Commit #3ec2d5 - Fixed errors when loading islands from database
Commit #76d059 - Changed the create island message to be sent only after teleporting to the island
Commit #e9d40c - Fixed incorrect lookup of islands within the SWarpCategory object
Commit #ac2145 - Fixed errors when creating new islands
Commit #2cfa85 - Added getters to the builders as well
Release 2022.8.1
Commit #609167 - Changed SWarpCategory to not save the exact Island instance that created it, but the one stored in the container
Commit #d0e901 - Added a check to make sure center locations are valid with builders
Commit #ad5b1c - Added player builder to easily create players with predefined values
Commit #4b2c43 - Added island builder to easily create islands with predefined values
Commit #dacbeb - Fixed a NPE when sending invite announcement
Commit #988098 - Potential optimization for lookup of spawners in chunks
Commit #d18366 - Potential fix for actions on chunks not finishing when disabling the plugin
Commit #13172a - Fixed `/is admin teleport` checking for portals cooldown
Commit #392c71 - Fixed errors with new versions of Paper when relighting schematic chunks
Commit #9fa101 - Fixed errors when generating other worlds for islands are ignored
Commit #f86334 - Changed schematics applying blocks to the world to first apply the blocks before doing anything else
Commit #89ab5a - Added delegate classes that implements all the objects of the API for easily override objects by other plugins
Commit #192224 - Fixed warp category have its slot saved before its inserted to db
Commit #6e9b81 - Fixed errors when setting up Nashorn engine
Commit #a6356e - Fixed lights not working correctly with the new schematics system
Commit #172766 - Fixed a missing method when creating islands in spigot versions
Commit #746039 - Fixed calling the factory for algorithms of players and islands is done before the objects are initialized, causing their uuid and names to be null
Commit #60462a - Fixed some cases where sending a message would not fire AttemptPlayerSendMessageEvent
Commit #6e3bda - Optimized a bit iterations over island members in some cases
Commit #6a8a12 - Changed teleporting to spawn to not occur if bypass mode is enabled
Commit #2bbc2d - Fixed PlayerToggleSpyEvent not being fired correctly
Commit #91f2cc - Added the ability to use `/is accept` without any parameters
Commit #6a3326 - Fixed a NPE when calling SuperiorSchematic#getLoadedChunks method
Commit #9a4f6f - Fixed some messages not calling AttemptPlayerSendMessageEvent when the receiver is not online
Commit #437558 - Changed the way dirty chunks are cached in memory
Commit #5c384c - Fixed equal check between SuperiorPlayer objects not checking for identical references
Commit #a68869 - Fixed equal check between Island objects not checking for identical references
Commit #c30531 - Fixed issues with tracking of dirty chunks after transferring leadership of islands
Commit #42161a - Optimized schematics placement
Commit #fdc987 - Feature : Add cancellable IslandBanEvent
Commit #e2ff57 - Cleaned code
Commit #e65cc2 - Added automatically backup to the datastore folder
Commit #1cb1a2 - Changed the way loading of data is handled
Commit #843922 - Changed the plugin from overriding the MobSpawnerAbstract field of spawners as it may conflict with other plugins
Commit #40065e - Fixed error on startup causing the server to not load
Commit #eabe16 - Fixed custom dragon fights not working properly in versions above 1.17
Commit #627641 - Changed nashorn engine to not be downloaded from hub
Commit #4b57d0 - Fixed an error when chunks are saved causing them to not get saved
Release 2022.8
Commit #c4d7a4 - Changed API version to 4
Commit #059593 - Fixed an issue with serializing of blocks when tracking them
Commit #8b2b5f - Fixed converting of player data of missions not working correctly
Commit #805d9c - Added the ability to create island and superiorplayer objects from the FactoriesManager
Commit #ca7d25 - Fixed missions tracked data only being saved when server stops
Commit #efc8fb - Removed obfuscated nms in favor of mojang-mappings jars
Commit #5f8d72 - Fixed island role weights are not forced to be incremental
Commit #0875b1 - Changed database connections to be done through one thread only instead of multiple for better synchronization between the calls
Commit #c5b6f1 - Changed unlocked values of WorldsProvider to return true only if the world is also enabled
Commit #3e73cf - Fixed unexpected errors may cause creation process to never finish
Commit #1d74f8 - Removed entity counts recalculated when creating new islands
Commit #f2b3b5 - Added AttemptPlayerSendMessageEvent event that is fired when attempting to send a message to a player
Commit #17824f - Changed it so when failing to retrieve mappings for a version the plugin continues to work instead of failure
Commit #939efc - Fixed a missing field error when using WindSpigot in 1.8.8
Commit #7cf402 - Potential optimization for detection of spawn area
Commit #d0c817 - Fixed an error caused when tileEntityList is not a valid field
Commit #2a56be - Increased delay of serializing block counts so SGP can load its shops
Commit #30ecea - Fixed downgrading level of an island causing some custom values to reset
Commit #3da549 - Added IslandEnterPortalEvent that is fired when a player enters a portal in an island.
Commit #efc171 - Fixed modules that are not loaded correctly still stays "enabled"
Commit #4f3199 - Potential optimization for too many chunks getting loaded when recalculating entities for islands
Commit #b6e648 - Fixed downgrading upgrades causing custom changes of island values to be reset
Commit #e4c7d3 - Optimized detection of whether the player is inside his own island
Commit #523e1a - Fixed tab completes of expel command showing hidden players regardless of the tab-complete hide vanished settings
Commit #eef1fe - Fixed players chat-listeners not removed when leaving the server
Commit #038e82 - Fixed loading of jars not using the plugin's ClassLoader causing issues when these jars try to load classes
Commit #38f28e - Fixed a potential NPE when using custom schematics from other plugins
Commit #7bd626 - Fixed incorrect detection of invalid island when joining the server
Commit #6482d6 - Separated errors when module file does not exist and when it's not valid
Commit #b63455 - Fixed an error thrown when trying to load an invalid module
Commit #a8acfb - Added listener to BlockDestroyEvent when using Paper
Commit #26e889 - Optimized detection if a location is inside the spawn island
Commit #bc074e - Optimized crops multiplier upgrade causing lag when trying to fetch the crop growth multiplier of islands
Commit #1befe0 - Removed support for PostgreSQL as it cannot work with the current stage of the plugin
Commit #b8dd6f - Added %superior_island_permission_role_% placeholder that will return the required role for a permission
Commit #eb850d - Fixed island home not saved when island is created, making the rotation reset
Commit #f8f656 - Added the ability to disable visitors sign from being a requirement to visit islands
Commit #084c8f - Fixed support for 1.19 (Untested)
Commit #3ca4c4 - Fixed getBiome method loading chunks synchronized
Commit #c7735a - Changed default biome detection for worlds to be globally
Commit #b8fa21 - Fixed incorrect detection logged water blocks
Commit #fff47d - Fixed island-top-order not ignoring case sensitive
Commit #a9d02d - Added `/is admin data` to interact with persistent data of players or islands
Commit #e12281 - Changed mappings checking to be done against a remote server instead of hardcoded values
Commit #afc295 - Fixed spawners turn into pigs when having spawner rates enabled
Commit #fdd11c - Fixed errors when listening to spawners
Release 1.11.1
Commit #acd17d - Added more events to players when they change bypass mode, team chat and change their names
Commit #c255a2 - Added more API methods for handling data of players
Commit #1d1a95 - Updated API version to 3
Commit #6d24a0 - Fixed players making database calls before being inserted
Commit #3d5957 - Fixed islands making database update calls before they are inserted first
Commit #80327e - Removed leftover debug messages
Commit #013988 - Added the ability to set amount of missions completed directly using the API
Commit #86abd7 - Fixed updating player names not updating the players container
Commit #bc4cd7 - Fixed mappings check is not called
Commit #6b1a12 - Added nms mappings check before loading the plugin
Commit #1c36aa - Removed usage of org.apache.commons.* in the plugin
Commit #56140d - Added a way to create bank transactions using the API.
Commit #45be31 - Fixed all database bridges share the same instance making their status being shared as well
Commit #1f589d - Fixed precision of doubles not being correct causing incorrect mathematical operations
Commit #92da10 - Added nms guards to all recent nms versions for detection of incorrect usage
Commit #2d928d - Added nms utilities to better detect incorrect nms usage
Commit #96bf50 - Fixed an API method removed in one of the commits
Commit #46fd1d - Fixed role permissions override each other causing them to not get saved correctly (#831, #1301)
Commit #1f3239 - Fixed old databases are not converted to new formats
Commit #3a795e - Fixed an error caused when getting GameProfile of entities in 1.19.1
Commit #57306a - Added support for ShopGUIPlus 1.78
Commit #039485 - Fixed the plugin loading chunks after they are unloaded causing tps drops
Commit #7a950d - Changed it so when entities are teleported, the plugin will eject all their passegners
Commit #ac1238 - Fixed values menu buttons do not parse placeholders for players
Commit #e88178 - Removed permissions line from default upgrades
Commit #3ad1ae - Fixed stacked blocks cache relay on locations causing some issues with LazyWorldLocation
Commit #8da7a1 - Added the ability to disable warps from being deleted automatically if are not safe
Commit #ed3a16 - Removed other places in code where the plugin depends on regular locations instead of lazyworldlocations
Commit #da7d0d - Fixed locations of invalid worlds stay with null world if put in maps
Commit #e75665 - Fixed cloning of LazyWorldLocation returns a regular Location instead of a LazyWorldLocation
Commit #4829ac - Changed database bridges to not create filters and serialize data unless they are in the correct mode
Commit #b01e47 - Removed an unnecessary method from nms
Commit #b59af0 - Fixed detection of old databases not checking for other types other than MySQL and SQLite
Commit #e694ab - Changed the way spawner rates is handled for better performance & detection of new spawners, potentially fixes #1287
Commit #8a31c0 - Fixed an error when using custom generator in 1.19
Commit #aeac1e - Added syncbonus command to the plugin
Commit #d356fd - Added getBlockCounts command for schematics
Commit #d78a72 - Fixed void teleport not working in spawn island
Commit #a30e58 - Fixed bypass mode not bypassing interacting with blocks
Commit #c1882f - Fixed visitor location not centered to the block
Commit #e6fb66 - Fixed islands having their worth/level bonus given more than once when going through portals, causing negative level and worth
Commit #8c490c - Potential fix for messages being sent when hitting vanished players
Commit #f285d6 - Fixed skins restorer hook may throw NPE
Commit #6f9a2d - Potential fix for other chat formatters conflicting with SSB's reading messages of players as inputs
Commit #007daf - Fixed detection of command cooldowns
Commit #d8ad2b - Fixed player times and weather do not update when entering islands
Commit #0823c2 - Fixed default miner #1 mission doesn't rankup generator-rates upgrade
Commit #c19ef9 - Potential fix for entity dragons flying away from islands
Commit #4d74d5 - Added the ability to prepare end worlds using the API
Commit #937f59 - Fixed a potential NPE when having dragon fights enabled
Commit #e25657 - Fixed a potential NPE for loading data from files
Commit #65ec81 - Added cache for calculation of unloaded chunks so they are not done more than once
Commit #66b805 - Fixed Island#getLoadedChunks returning null chunks
Commit #1b6988 - Removed unnecessary sortings when changing bonus worth/level
Commit #e3f62a - Removed debug message
Commit #9f3058 - Fixed calculation of blocks in unloaded chunks in 1.19
Commit #f32637 - Fixed players not able to place stacked blocks on non-solid blocks (grass, snow layers, ferns, etc)
Commit #a9bc28 - Fixed location placeholder is not detected correctly
Commit #44c0b4 - Fixed the ability to poison other entities on islands
Commit #d33d53 - Fixed detection of coops for coop-damage
Commit #0390e8 - Fixed the requirement of location worlds to be loaded in other places in the code
Commit #6367e3 - Optimized persistence data containers creation for players and islands
Commit #4f63d8 - Optimized ram usage of schematics in memory
Commit #2f0df1 - Fixed casting errors with recent versions of SkinsRestorer
Commit #b2ff61 - Fixed an out of bounds error when getting island at invalid positions
Commit #98a3e4 - Added missing skull textures of entities to the default files
Commit #47bfc9 - Potential fix for NPE when using EpicSpawners 7
Commit #1671a5 - Added support for location based placeholders with the custom placeholders registered using the PlaceholdersService
Commit #121ace - Removed unnecssary packets sent to players, as well as fixed issues with ViaVersion
Commit #c2cbfc - Fixed errors thrown with SkinsRestorer in recent versions
Commit #33a9f1 - Fixed old visitors sign not being inactive when a new one is placed
Commit #478a96 - Fixed errors thrown when accessing top island menu
Commit #03be8c - Fixed grid cannot be saved correctly if the world of the island is not loaded
Commit #be53bd - Fixed issues with loading island chests causing errors
Commit #1f5815 - Added lazy-loading data for invalid worlds
Commit #144a21 - Optimized sortings of top islands to only be done when necessary
Commit #fb5b0f - Optimized ArrayList usage by replacing it with sequential lists when possible
Commit #39676e - Fixed a potential out of bounds error using getIslandAtPosition method
Commit #22d742 - Potentially fixes issues with SkinsRestorer throwing errors when not setup as local
Commit #d901da - Fixed homes and warps require worlds to be loaded when islands are loaded
Commit #c310b7 - Fixed error when pasteing schematic with entities inside it
Commit #fb2527 - Fixed incorrect mapping method for 1.19
Release 1.11.0
Commit #4b0053 - Removed initialize of NMS with SuperiorSkyblockPlugin instance due to errors
Commit #7551ec - Updated admin settings menu to have configuration sections open separate menus
Commit #2b27fc - Fixed the world not saved correctly in 1.12
Commit #8eb21a - Added 1.19 support
Commit #61d3ed - Moved all packages to new locations (API unaffected)
Commit #bba182 - Removed SmartLocation's setting the world name to null
Commit #5cf727 - Fixed lastIsland must have its world loaded when server is loading data
Commit #7b2edf - Fixed GOT_INVITE not supported hex colors
Commit #562c1b - Fixed message components don't support hex colors
Commit #64c222 - Fixed an issue with registering SpongeAbsorbEvent listener when it doesn't exist
Commit #a5a5cf - Optimized the way islands are cached in memory
Commit #73763a - Fixed the plugin creating new chunks into disk for no reason
Commit #41a575 - Updated illegal warp [category] names message to better indicate the issue with the names
Commit #64408b - Fixed reflected maps/sets of keymap/keyset being unmodifiable
Commit #de81ab - Fixed inner set of KeySet not reflecting the set itself
Commit #ee6fca - Fixed keys of the reflected inner map are API keys
Commit #6d1b04 - Removed duplicate code from KeyMap
Commit #98848d - Fixed asMap not reflecting inner map properly
Commit #d92164 - Fixed KeyMap iterators not reflecting the inner map
Commit #56b58d - Fixed issues with syncing generator rates with upgrades
Commit #be8a69 - Fixed multiple custom generator rates overriding each other in database
Commit #276b56 - Reverted changing generator rates to 0 removing them
Commit #af5037 - Removed UpgradeValue in favor of Value
Commit #d9075a - Fixed old versions of Oraxen not working
Commit #ff56da - Added warning when registering hook and it fails to do so
Release 1.10.2
Commit #ba1147 - Added data folder for all data of the plugin
Commit #6a65f4 - Fixed the ability to pickup axolotls on other islands
Commit #1cff5a - Fixed the ability to ignire creepers on other islands
Commit #428927 - Added PlayerReplaceEvent for when players changing their uuids
Commit #ad0823 - Fixed converting of data not converting missions data properly.
Commit #b78c1b - Fixed actions of menus are triggered even if the item doesn't exist
Commit #1b1aac - Fixed firing SendMessageEvent async causing errors
Commit #8d95c4 - Fixed world borders showing red effect to players if they are nearby
Commit #9ba266 - Attempt on fixing invalid custom island flags not shown in the menu
Commit #c43769 - Disabled chunk wipe listener in Slimefun as it causes too much lag
Commit #df4646 - Removed debug messages
Commit #c5019f - Added the ability to register custom islands and players containers through the API
Release 1.10.1
Commit #fa7b2d - Added border-color argument to the /is border command
Commit #7b3130 - Added the ability to disable commands through the config file
Commit #53ceea - Added support for messages within the API
Commit #b7e2f3 - Added support for Oraxen with generators
Commit #2e354d - Added the ability to store persistent data for islands and players
Commit #de6d72 - Separated data file into different files for each mission individually
Commit #bcb271 - Disabled unloading of the worlds manually due to lag
Commit #e3af8c - Fixed crops growing from sky
Commit #dfd3f4 - Added the ability to disable built-in hooks
Commit #e38329 - Added API null check to prevent plugin from loading when this happens
Commit #402f94 - Optimized tracking of blocks
Commit #4ebd49 - Fixed some factory methods do not have original object parameter
Commit #5f7706 - Removed old data handlers from API
Commit #51cd44 - Added check for chunks loading to not load more chunks after plugin was disabled
Commit #b6a281 - Fixed array out of bounds error when having modified spigot jars with custom environments
Commit #68e3a4 - Added getter for the island creation algorithm
Commit #c2ae29 - Fixed errors when getting position placeholder for a player without an island
Commit #23577a - Change the behavior of permissions changing through menu
Commit #eeaaa2 - Fixed island flags registered by other plugins may sometime fail to load from settings menu file
Commit #85854b - Potentially fixes a warning about "No layers in MapLike" when islands world is loaded
Commit #0bc9ea - Added empty parameter check for converting old islands
Commit #1652dc - Added missions completed placeholder for specific category
Commit #80481d - Fixed generate event not checking for new blocks set in the event
Commit #00a0de - Added IslandGenerateBlockEvent
Commit #9f0d80 - Fixed the ability to create an instance of SuperiorskyblockAPI
Commit #9778ae - Reverted the placeholder output for "Yes" and "No" from check-mark
Commit #4c7a06 - Added informative message for bypass island restrictions for players that has the permission to use the bypass command
Commit #afba5e - Fixed fishing missions working on thrown items instead of only items retrieved from water
Commit #ad8f64 - Fixed an error caused when converting database
Commit #a32ddb - Fixed temporary players have ProtocolLib packet listener enabled for them
Commit #0ab853 - Fixed detection of warp names in delwarp command
Commit #4bec7a - Fixed visitors' blocked-commands filters ran on the entire message instead of only command label
Commit #14ebd2 - Potential fix for placeholders not parsed to consoles
Release 1.10.0
Commit #afdc7b - Added bossbar for messages
Commit #0a424b - Added the ability to change the way members are sorted in top islands
Commit #ce02e1 - Added the ability to add leather armor pieces that are colored to menus
Commit #930394 - Added display role names
Commit #4bbd57 - Added sound component to messages
Commit #5a1c68 - Added auto-uncoop feature for coop players
Commit #a08faf - Removed the limitation of alphabetic letters for warp names and categories
Commit #b3e9ce - Added the ability to use colors within island chat
Commit #751aa8 - Added new API events
Commit #470a99 - Fixed errors when spawning entities from schematics
Commit #79f93f - Fixed errors thrown on the schematic callback completely ignored
Commit #f14387 - Fixed 1 block offset in detection of protected island range
Commit #48775b - Fixed error thrown when running Spigot 1.16.5
Commit #cbbd34 - Suppressed schematic warnings for incorrect version matching in non-legacy versions
Commit #5ed336 - Fixed default nether biome not parsed correctly in 1.16+
Commit #adfe78 - Potential optimization for calling handleBlockPlace in loop causing a bit of lag
Commit #427010 - Potential fix for basalt generators generating overworld rates instead of nether ones
Commit #d052ba - Fixed stacked blocks not registered correctly
Commit #25ac27 - Potential optimization for checking if a location is inside an island
Commit #b5ae8c - Added more messages on plugin disable to better understand which tasks are disabled
Commit #204bf7 - Fixed stacked block items taken from entire inventory instead of only held item
Commit #ebb236 - Potential optimization to permissions lookups in bukkit
Commit #84de2b - Added support for more inventory types for menus (droppers/dispensers, furnaces and brewings)
Commit #33d811 - Fixed blocks-placement can be replicate with infinite amount of blocks
Commit #cc172d - Fixed issues with detection of similar stacked blocks and the place item
Commit #458be2 - Fixed errors regarding index out of bounds with EnumerateMap
Commit #583e40 - Fixed errors when using ProtocolLib due to TemporaryPlayer
Commit #9fde03 - Fixed cast errors when using custom world generators
Commit #685c9b - Added the ability to add "source" field for items, so items will be parsed from this source-path
Commit #2efc8d - Added placeholders for upgrade buttons
Commit #9ce6de - Fixed errors when using entity limit placeholders
Commit #45a13f - Fixed entities being removed from the world when islands are created / disbanded
Commit #bfbbcc - Fixed generators working even when lava-flow is disabled
Commit #a66cc2 - Added more methods to the SuperiorSkyblockAPI class
Commit #edfa25 - Fixed dragon fights in 1.12+
Commit #1ddede - Added boolean placeholder for default "Yes" and "No"
Commit #2cb142 - Fixed changing default lang to English
Commit #627631 - Fixed null errors when saving progress of farming missions
Commit #819228 - Fixed default warp-categories menu using the format of paged menus even when it's not one
Commit #09429d - Fixed creating builder for patterns not updating rows correctly
Commit #474876 - Updated mission jar with null checks
Commit #584197 - Fixed holograms of stacked blocks being checked for entity limits
Commit #151cef - Fixed detection of bank limits
Commit #3d56f2 - Reduced the amount of times chunks are loaded due to entity counting
Commit #38aed2 - Fixed the plugin recalculating entities when entity limits is disabled
Commit #23b421 - Added chunk load reason for debug messages
Commit #64c0c8 - Fixed null issues when creating data for players for missions
Commit #f8140a - Fixed detection of bank limits with bank interest not being correct
Commit #fc14b5 - Potentially fixes NPE when getting block key for counts
Commit #61005f - Fixed going through portals when worlds are disabled still trying to paste schematics in these worlds
Commit #5a64bd - Fixed errors when plugin starts up
Commit #6f8abf - Added KeySet and KeyMap to API as well as reduced usage of KeyImpl as much as possible
Commit #b1c0ad - Added "0" as a block-data to blocks that are calculated to fix issues when registering custom key parsers directly for them
Commit #3e92ac - Fixed errors when using ShopGUIPlus v1.73
Commit #12c0d8 - Fixed saving of decimals in remote sql servers not working correctly
Commit #2a2d0d - Fixed colorizing messages with a length of 1 is not working properly
Commit #b704c8 - Added a check for empty components
Commit #7ebb0e - Fixed errors when protocollib's listener is handling packets
Commit #7657a9 - Added better detection for blocks being broken and placed for missions
Commit #cdfae3 - Fixed detection of crops when they grow for block limits
Commit #fb81f8 - Fixed crops not detected as blocks that were placed when they grow
Commit #830a02 - Fixed dragon fights throwing errors in 1.18
Commit #102ea7 - Fixed teleporting to schematics not detecting blocks correctly after they were placed
Commit #871af5 - Fixed admin teleport not working if there are no safe blocks in the world
Commit #352c9d - Fixed detection of disabled worlds using `/is admin teleport`
Commit #3a0685 - Added services to the API
Commit #036cde - Removed usage of the Strings class
Commit #b61c3c - Fixed teleporting safe to blocks not working for warps
Commit #ae36c3 - Fixed null issues when translating colors
Commit #d2e6b3 - Changed message components to be coded in oop style
Commit #a453c9 - Fixed issues with detection of safe blocks
Commit #0da33f - Fixed the ability to click islands in the top menu even if they are no longer in the menu (whether because they are now ignored or got disbanded)
Commit #9b1057 - Fixed ignoring and un-ignoring islands not updating top islands menu
Commit #265661 - Changed `/is admin recalc` to not recalculate all islands by default
Commit #cc7f33 - Fixed shutdown task causing errors
Commit #10a483 - Fixed when downloading new nashorn engine the old one stays
Commit #e34e97 - Added configurable list of safe blocks that players can teleport to
Release 1.9.0
Commit #c2b41d - Fixed getHighestBlockYAt can return y level below the min height limit
Commit #ef79f9 - Fixed invalid methods in 1.18.2 when using Spigot
Commit #7f99f3 - Fixed incorrect nms mapping for item stacks in 1.18.2
Commit #111917 - Added support for CoreProtect API up to v9
Commit #4da987 - Added auto-detection for changing language "on the fly" using ProtocolLib
Commit #1aec8d - Added automatic detection of player languages
Commit #a35ad2 - Fixed worlds unloaded before modules causing invalid world errors
Commit #94befd - Added entities tracker
Commit #38195f - Fixed issues with NPE when running plugin
Commit #031f30 - Added support for placeholders for statistics missions
Commit #ff2820 - Optimized checks of materials by enum names instead of actually using enums
Commit #3a8e7b - Optimized checks of materials by enum names instead of actually using enums
Commit #755f42 - Fix safe teleportation not adjusting y level correctly for slabs
Commit #23da11 - Fixed incorrect detection of solid blocks when teleporting safely players
Commit #039009 - Fixed admin teleport not checking for safe blocks
Commit #8319cd - Fixed safe teleportation to other dimensions that are not the default one not working
Commit #2969ba - Fixed issue of removal of entities async
Commit #a4886a - Fixed the ability to unleash entities even without the required privilege
Commit #91a7e8 - Fixed holograms not spawning due to afk spawning mobs prevention
Commit #2efc7c - Fixed detection of block types for stacked blocks
Commit #272602 - Potential fix for bank interest exceeding bank limits
Commit #bf5dc7 - Update build.gradle
Commit #ce03a4 - Added support for 1.18.2
Commit #3880a9 - Removed support for 1.15
Commit #13a215 - Fixed self player top island counts as a paged object causing some islands to not be seen in top islands menu
Commit #513566 - Fixed menu commands with one argument not parsed correctly
Commit #644176 - Fixed top islands are not updated according to the sorting types after changing them
Commit #f32b9b - Fixed potential crashes when modules throw errors
Commit #5c42b4 - Added permission to bypass command cooldowns
Commit #464bc1 - Fixed infinite opening and closing of menus when using commands to open menus inside menus
Commit #962b95 - Fixed running sub commands inside menus without arguments
Commit #04e0cf - Fixed errors when loading custom menus
Commit #ee529a - Added generateBlock method to the API
Commit #381d54 - Fixed visitors count placeholder including vanished players
Commit #e1b4b1 - Added a check for invalid rows contents for island chests from database
Commit #5bc8b3 - Added restriction for invalid default island chest sizes
Commit #b48606 - Added better comment for default-size of island-chests
Commit #02fec2 - Fixed concurrect issues when saving dirty chunks
Commit #8d505c - Fixed errors when loading data from invalid worlds
Commit #6143b7 - Fixed placed blocks are not tracked correctly causing only-natural-blocks to not work
Commit #c864b8 - Fixed parsing of island flag placeholders
Commit #f2ae00 - Added rating amount placeholder
Commit #609c5c - Added the ability to use placeholders on top islands
Commit #a34bce - Fixed farming missions converting melon and pumpkin stems to actual crops
Commit #3a02a7 - Fixed casting issues with converting item stacks to nbt in 1.18
Commit #e8ade2 - Fixed click sounds not working in the settings menu
Commit #94112f - Changed all methods of giving items to inventory to drop items on ground when it's full
Commit #262c84 - Disabled the ability to wax stacked copper blocks
Commit #f446b4 - Moved getMaterialSafe method to another class
Commit #b4d6cc - Fixed player missions not being loaded
Commit #659ec2 - Added support for the loadData method for builtin modules
Commit #8f2945 - Added SuperiorSkyblock as a parameter for loadData
Commit #b74401 - Added loadData callback method for modules
Commit #63ab53 - Reverted NORMAL module load time to be before the data loading times
Commit #70fa05 - Added PluginInitializedEvent
Commit #34d40c - Fixed self-player item in the top islands menu
Commit #46bfef - Fixed NPE when mission items are null
Commit #ad46fd - Fixed missions menu not opening
Commit #6050e9 - Changed NORMAL load time to load after data is loaded
Commit #6c8144 - Fixed template items editable builders are not actually editing the item itself
Commit #c6affa - Fixed island chests not loaded from database correctly
Commit #cb5b2b - Fixed primary key for island upgrades table not being removed correctly
Commit #49e15a - Sort islands when server starts for the first time
Commit #af5c3c - Fixed top placeholders not returning the correct values
Commit #be6e02 - Fixed generators not working in 1.8.8
Commit #d69cb2 - Fixed weird behaviors of the plugin when having Turkish as the system's language
Commit #991f57 - Fixed deposit method not using the correct economy provider
Commit #a8d42a - Fixed an error with committing transactions in MySQL
Commit #92dbfe - Fixed errors caused by schematics going out of bounds in the world
Commit #9493a3 - Fixed a warning of registering the listener of the island effects upgrade type in legacy versions
Commit #6d8fe6 - Fixed islands_upgrades table have primary key, causing only one upgrade to be saved per island
Commit #f24d27 - Fixed an error with invalid sound when using 1.8.8
Commit #bb8369 - Removed the required-permission sections from all default menu files
Commit #c881a5 - Changed all item menus to use TemplateItem for safe-accessing ItemBuilder objects instead of directly accessing them
Commit #6f99c9 - Fixed top island buttons not having their island leaders skins applied to them
Commit #b3652a - Fixed a null issue when having invalid item rewards in missions
Commit #4efe01 - Fixed plugin not loaded due to cached big decimals
Commit #04a171 - Fixed errors when converting island levels to worth values as well as optimizing it
Commit #450633 - Optimized sorting of islands in the sorted registry to not do anything when there aren't at least two islands in cache
Commit #0c90b0 - Changed the plugin's instance inside the API to be set using a method and not reflection
Commit #a9c766 - Fixed teleport command not including "normal" as a valid argument
Commit #85b859 - Fixed spawn command having a fixed "player-name" argument
Commit #3f8a6e - Fixed modules with AFTER_HANDLERS_LOADING not loaded upon enabling the server
Commit #ba0c31 - Fixed potential null issues
Commit #3b7ee6 - Potential fix for too long data packets with menus
Commit #2c802f - Fixed placement missions not working when blocks-replace is disabled
Release 1.8.4
Commit #7185eb - Fixed incorrect biomes when placing schematics in 1.18
Commit #4434c0 - Fixed setting biomes to islands not checking for the default biome in the config file
Commit #167bc9 - Fixed incorrect detection of default-size for island chests when loading chests from database
Commit #350750 - Fixed invalid privileges in the permissions-menu throwing errors
Commit #e51b46 - Fixed cached biome of island can be null
Commit #74925c - Fixed detection of portal ticks in 1.18
Commit #91d5f1 - Fixed an error thrown when using admin teleport command and specifying an invalid world
Commit #975681 - Fixed issues regarding sqlite being locked and other weird potentially unexpected behaviors
Commit #f8c016 - Fixed default values of cached values not initialized correctly
Commit #7e0d6f - Fixed nether generators work without soul soil underneath the generated block
Commit #743715 - Fixed integration issue with newer versions of Slimefun
Commit #c0271e - Fixed issues with loading data from database
Commit #b89551 - Fixed local database cannot be created due to incorrect checking of return value
Commit #a4ee9b - Added failure messages when cannot start sqlite database
Commit #4e568d - Updated CommentedConfiguration implementation
Commit #39db08 - Changed dirty_chunks and block_counts columns to be LONGTEXT rather than TEXT
Commit #696ae4 - Fixed detection of paged-object causing objects in other pages to not work
Commit #3dc24b - Feature/different sql sessions
Commit #5bc0be - Fixed errors when creating backup of old database are ignored and not displayed
Commit #463c08 - Update Vietnamese translation
Commit #63fa0e - Removed usage of SpawnIsland object in unnecessary places
Commit #2ab0f0 - Added default spawn algorithms
Commit #c1f652 - Added getters for the calculation algorithm and blocks tracker
Commit #7749d4 - Feature/menus rework
Commit #3ddd58 - Fixed mobs burn in day when below blocks on islands
Commit #e828ae - Fixed duplicated comments with configs in latest versions of Spigot
Commit #3ba65f - Fixed converting of old database versions not working properly
Commit #f4cc16 - Merged dev
Commit #34c570 - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #da68bc - Fixed islands not having worth value calculated again on startup
Commit #d2afbc - Added more indicative warnings when data cannot be loaded
Commit #9d31ca - Optimized loading times even more by adding a feature to idle DatabaseBridge so it won't update database
Commit #ff8c31 - Fixed an error when loading island chests
Commit #82bbc5 - Optimized a bit more waiting times of loading bank transactions
Commit #1dd5f5 - Optimized a bit more waiting times of loading bank transactions
Commit #3dcc14 - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #003ed9 - Fixed incorrect parsing of top-related placeholders
Commit #b761cc - Fixed incorrect parameter
Commit #4acf71 - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #961278 - Merge branch 'master' into dev
Commit #3ce62b - Updated readme with maintained status & code quality
Commit #58fed5 - Update fr-FR.yml
Commit #bb3dab - Fixed generators throwing errors when having invalid block types
Commit #fc46ec - Changed loading of worths and levels to always upper-case keys
Commit #946649 - Fixed parsing of IslandPrivileges may lead to throwing errors if provided with invalid privilege
Commit #c1029c - Fixed parsing of IslandFlags may lead to throwing errors if provided with invalid flags
Commit #4c5ffc - Fixed blocks counting getter is not reflecting the actual block counts
Commit #5648b2 - Separated the blocks-tracker from the Island object
Commit #630a05 - Fixed spawn island not having the new method
Commit #b8a310 - Added potatoes, carrots and beetroots to the default crops-to-grow list
Commit #f2cbb1 - Fixed detection of equipment for entities when WildStacker is installed
Commit #ec7945 - Potential fix for generators overriding existing blocks in the world
Commit #2ef5e7 - Fixed warps loaded more than once causing their private status to get reset
Commit #59b47c - Added detection for the ghast-fireballs flags to only detect ghasts'
Commit #e696ae - Fixed the possibility of checking blocks above the height limit
Commit #2ea868 - Added missing admin upgrade commands
Commit #0b023a - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #ab6a14 - Added the ability to register custom creation algorithm for islands
Commit #4e4c3c - Added detection for null chunk generators for worlds
Commit #d6b577 - Removed IslandsChunkGenerator in favor of CustomChunkGenerator
Commit #a3fa38 - Fixed players keeping their island even if the creation of it fails
Commit #65cc57 - Added the ability to register custom ChunksProvider for the plugin
Commit #848f15 - Fixed detection of permissions with LuckPerms
Commit #63cb38 - [CI-SKIP] Added docstrings to all the classes related to modules
Commit #845708 - Fixed enchantments in 1.16 extending EnchantmentWrapper causing errors
Commit #cab438 - Fixed issues with new versions of RoseStacker (1.4.2)
Commit #19b0ed - Added island levels to the `/is show` and `/is admin show` commands
Commit #f294ea - Added the ability to disable different upgrade types completely
Commit #00079f - Fixed issues with cache overwritten each time loading data, causing to data to not actually be loaded
Commit #9de38d - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #9e993d - Fixed getting the teleportation failed message even when teleportation is successful
Commit #903076 - Fixed incorrect deserialization of dirty-chunks when migrating data
Commit #70d9d0 - Fixed typo in one of the messages
Commit #126a49 - [CI-SKIP] Add error-handling for unexpected errors when loading chunks
Commit #d7282c - Added the ability to cancel IslandBankDepositEvent and IslandBankWithdrawEvent
Commit #19c9e4 - Fixed the ability to set empty messages with IslandChatEvent
Commit #7e795f - Added placeholder to see island-flags status
Commit #2cbd22 - [CI-SKIP] Changed player permissions to be based on map as well
Commit #713ae9 - Added bank limit placeholders
Commit #a9160b - [CI-SKIP] Added IslandChatEvent
Commit #f87ac6 - [CI-SKIP] Added missing messages to all lang files
Commit #64642b - [CI-SKIP] Reordered messages in alphabetical order
Commit #4e8115 - Added visitors_count placeholder
Commit #e2d83d - [CI-SKIP] Cleaned placeholders parsing code a bit
Commit #431d12 - Added the ability to configure the default biomes for all the worlds
Commit #ecb16d - Separate IslandsGenerator to be based on nms for better support across versions
Commit #6c4c97 - Added the ability to open chests using a param with `/is chest`
Commit #8fbefc - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #c781a1 - Fixed schematics generation not tracked correctly
Commit #bf22f8 - Fixed creation of islands not working on regular Spigot 1.18
Commit #958402 - Fixed creation of islands not working due to anti-xray
Commit #bc5cc2 - Fixed disbanding islands not actually disbanding them
Commit #f06b36 - [CI-SKIP] Added the ability to override teleporting algorithm for players
Commit #3eb573 - [CI-SKIP] Removed the unused method loadDataWithException from handlers
Commit #c9279a - Fixed NoSuchMethodError thrown when trying to get min-height for worlds in 1.16
Commit #d03b4f - Added null-checks and other checks for values from database to ensure no errors may occur
Commit #904729 - Fixed incorrect field names after merge
Commit #b0156c - Merge branch 'dev' into feature/optimize-loading-times
Commit #23116a - Fixed errors due to the new unlockedWorlds and generatedSchematics
Commit #264e9b - Fixed a NPE caused when upgrades are disabled
Commit #95d79b - [CI-SKIP] Cleaned API docstrings, methods and more
Commit #915bc8 - Cleaned code
Commit #8870a1 - Updated player-language menus to include german
Commit #f4d70e - Added auto-creation of german file
Commit #c17cb2 - Added de-DE translation file (Thanks to CraftCityHD - #813)
Commit #34363f - Reverted docstring as the method is actually being used
Commit #afa657 - Optimized loading of bank logs by not caching them if not needed
Commit #89c7fd - Updated docstring for DatabaseBridge
Commit #9552b0 - Added timing and stats messages for loading islands and players messages
Commit #c82403 - Reduced amount of database calls when loading players
Commit #122525 - Changed DatabaseCache to be template based data structure
Commit #e5d9ca - Reduced amount of database calls when loading islands
Commit #88a86d - Removed GridHandler from SIsland's parameters
Commit #dd4023 - Added support for PlayersContainer in the API
Commit #26b554 - Added support for IslandsContainer in the API
Commit #e2d865 - Added many internal providers to the API for public use
Commit #44f18f - Potential fix for skinsrestorer skins not working
Commit #55a7e2 - Fixed the ability to break stacked blocks when they are valuable-blocks without the required permission