Release 2022.7
Commit #743260 - Removed obfuscated nms in favor of mojang-mappings jars
Commit #f688eb - Fixed chests not being ticked once they are placed in legacy versions
Commit #8a31a6 - Changed it so when failing to retrieve mappings for the server the plugin doesn't fail to load
Commit #3581da - Fixed a duplication glitch when other plugins try to remove items from storage units
Commit #1db2b4 - Removed unused classes
Commit #3da32b - Fixed support for 1.19 (Untested)
Commit #53e9f4 - Added EconomyShopGUI as a valid prices provider in config file comments
Commit #d5d208 - Added support for ShopGUIPlus v1.78
Commit #c83410 - Changed mappings checking to be done against a remote server instead of hardcoded values
Release 2.4.1
Commit #e4d028 - Added nms mappings check before loading the plugin
Commit #606a52 - Removed unused methods
Commit #fc46e0 - Moved all nms classes to their own version package
Commit #abfccb - Added nms utilities to better detection incorrect usage of nms
Release 2.4.0
Commit #3f81bc - Added 1.19 support
Commit #e7874d - Fixed infinite recursive call when unlinking chests
Commit #8472b2 - Fixed chests link doesn't detect chests through transparent blocks
Commit #849eda - Fixed an error with loading linked chests
Commit #1846c1 - Fixed inventories of linked chests not linked appropriately, causing dupes with other plugins
Commit #eba049 - Potential NPE fix
Release 2.3.1
Commit #e7fa8a - Fixed a NPE when withers explode chests
Commit #4b69e6 - Fixed errors when using ShopGUIPlus v1.73
Release 2.3.0
Commit #45cfa5 - Added support for 1.18.2
Commit #e15860 - Fixed opening and closing sounds for chests in 1.18.1
Commit #ca1752 - Removed support for 1.15
Commit #17d012 - Patched a dupe glitch involving storage units and max-amount limits
Commit #4643eb - Changed custom bank providers to be used when using "CUSTOM" as the deposit method for chests
Commit #6e02d8 - Potentially fix infinite recursive call when getting page of linked chests
Commit #975f48 - Fixed a casting issue when using /chests link on non-linked chests
Commit #be68c2 - Fixed CoreProtectHook not being registered
Commit #fa5a46 - Added support for CoreProtect
Commit #5f102e - Fixed notify of breaks and placements of chests not happening
Commit #651502 - Added OfflinePlayer as a parameter to the break listener of chests
Release 2.2.4
Commit #0fb39a - Fixed a null error when trying to get price of an item that doesn't have a price set
Commit #806090 - Updated CommentedConfiguration implementation
Commit #522c31 - Added support for CMI
Commit #bbf334 - Fixed Hook_TransportPipes module cannot be compiled
Commit #171619 - Added support for TransportPipes
Commit #36632e - Added missing dependencies to the soft-depend list in plugin.yml