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WildInspect is an alternative for CoreProtect's inspect-mode. You can set required role for factions and it can be used only inside player's territories.
Make sure you test the plugin before you purchase on wild.bg-software.com


- Inspect block changes.
- Inspect chest transactions.
- Inspect block interactions.
- Hooks into CoreProtect.
- Set a history limit.
- Set a page limit.
- Set a cooldown for using the command.
- Hide ops for the inspect tool.
- Configurable commands
- Configurable messages

- Supports AcidIsland
- Supports ASkyBlock
- Supports BentoBox
- Supports FactionsUUID
- Supports GriefPrevention
- Supports Lands
- Supports MassiveCore Factions
- Supports SuperiorSkyblock
- Supports Towny
- Supports Villages


/f inspect - Enables or disables inspector mode [Configurable].


You can set your own permission for using the inspect command.