Release 1.1.0
Commit #dbf47c - Fixed issues with placing blocks next to the loaders (No solution in 1.7)
Commit #27566f - Fixed getOrCreateTag method in 1.18.2 is incorrect
Commit #6e051b - Added support for 1.18.2
Commit #e5a233 - Removed support for 1.15
Commit #2fd477 - Fixed chunk loaders with chunks-spread enabled not loading chunks at all if they are not placed inside a claim
Commit #0a2fbd - Fixed invalid methods when using Spigot
Release 1.0.4
Commit #f915a3 - Updated CommentedConfiguration implementation
Commit #699d5e - Added support for EpicSpawners 7
Commit #927a01 - Fixed gamemode event firing when changing gamemodes for fake players causing errors from other plugins