Release 2023.3
Commit #264666 - Added support to 1.20.2
Commit #6a88e4 - Removed support for 1.19 that are not recent
Release 2023.2
Commit #d850a9 - Added support to 1.20.1
Commit #ddb36f - Fixed NPE errors when loading chunk loaders after deleting player data
Commit #7da9f0 - Fixed errors in Spigot 1.19.4
Release 2023.1
Commit #a137e2 - Removed support for 1.18.1
Commit #5efb72 - Added support for 1.19.4
Commit #2df28a - Fixed give command only giving 1 loader when specifing custom amount and time
Commit #22d8f0 - Fixed chunk loaders can be placed next to each other and overlap chunks
Commit #6e0d1f - Changed all plugin dependencies to another repository
Commit #5ae287 - Added support for 1.19.3
Commit #a891a1 - Fixed a NPE when placing chunk loaders in 1.8/1.12
Commit #db2b49 - Fixed loader npcs can get advancements/achievements
Release 2022.7
Commit #4d9125 - Removed obfuscated nms in favor of mojang-mappings jars
Commit #009447 - Changed it so when failing to retrieve mappings for the server the plugin doesn't fail to load
Commit #4dd84d - Fixed support for 1.19 (Untested)
Commit #c0829d - Changed mappings checking to be done against a remote server instead of hardcoded values
Commit #723558 - Fixed the server not making entities ticking in the loaded chunks of the loaders
Commit #a13e76 - Fixed incorrect parameters error when new loaders are created
Release 1.2.1
Commit #88f444 - Added nms mappings check before loading the plugin
Commit #5eeb71 - Moved all nms classes to their own version packages
Commit #c0a137 - Added nms utilities to better detect incorrect usage of nms
Commit #275045 - Fixed npcs can be shown to other players using external mods
Commit #1992f0 - Fixed server crashing when chunk loaders finish in 1.16.5
Commit #197926 - Fixed chunk loaders not working properly in 1.19
Commit #b96da5 - Fixed errors when spawning npcs for chunk loaders in 1.17
Release 1.2.0
Commit #f30e43 - Added 1.19 support
Commit #d7d7a4 - Added all hooks as soft-depend to plugin.yml
Commit #7d14d1 - Added support for Lands
Release 1.1.1
Commit #6fdd0b - Fixed npcs have similar names causing weird behaviors with other plugins
Release 1.1.0
Commit #dbf47c - Fixed issues with placing blocks next to the loaders (No solution in 1.7)
Commit #27566f - Fixed getOrCreateTag method in 1.18.2 is incorrect
Commit #6e051b - Added support for 1.18.2
Commit #e5a233 - Removed support for 1.15
Commit #2fd477 - Fixed chunk loaders with chunks-spread enabled not loading chunks at all if they are not placed inside a claim
Commit #0a2fbd - Fixed invalid methods when using Spigot
Release 1.0.4
Commit #f915a3 - Updated CommentedConfiguration implementation
Commit #699d5e - Added support for EpicSpawners 7
Commit #927a01 - Fixed gamemode event firing when changing gamemodes for fake players causing errors from other plugins