Release 2023.3
Commit #4c81ba - Fixed upgraded spawners not having their entities stacked to nearby entities
Commit #b1c5bc - Added support to 1.20.2
Commit #e362bd - Fixed detection of supported and unsupported versions
Commit #60d01e - Removed support for 1.19 versions that are not recent
Commit #a6a75d - Fixed detection of the fireball shooter
Commit #1cd3f2 - Fixed detection of matching spawners in the amounts menu for spawners with default upgrade
Commit #df471d - Added cache for entity killers when calculating mob drops to prevent illegal async calls
Commit #9473f2 - Changed ArrayList to LinkedList when calculating drops for better performance
Commit #c35738 - Added support for latest versions of MiniaturePets
Commit #4cb3df - Fixed the unstack-source in EntityUnstackEvent not referring to the player when possible
Commit #9d7fb2 - Fixed the ability to bypass `only-one-spawner` restriction when placing spawners that exceed spawners limit
Commit #451486 - Fixed a potential NPE when placing spawners
Commit #53e346 - Added `METAMORPHOSIS` as a filtered transformation by default
Commit #f2f983 - Fixed detection and removal of items from inventory can cause dupes in some cases
Commit #6d8c64 - Fixed spawners sometimes not working correctly and act as one spawner
Release 2023.2
Commit #a0abe4 - Added missing method to the WorldEntityListener for WineSpigot
Commit #4d1a52 - Added support to 1.20.1
Commit #c4e951 - Fixed the name of the glow enchantment is wrong
Commit #4edee8 - Fixed villagers that turn into zombies not staying in their vehicle
Commit #0a5323 - Potential fix for picking up arrows throwing errors
Commit #2d689e - Removed unused methods
Commit #f4146d - Fixed entities are always 2-shot in 1.8
Release 2023.1
Commit #85eaff - Removed support for 1.18.1
Commit #c9e70b - Fixed crossbow shots are not awarding advancements
Commit #79bf89 - Potential optimization for breaking stacked blocks may cause lag
Commit #5ac449 - Fixed mobs with armor taking much less damage when entities module is enabled
Commit #448b30 - Fixed entities have a health of 0 for a few ticks between the damage event and the death event
Commit #040cfd - Added support for 1.19.4
Commit #fe1aa9 - Removed debug messages
Commit #18aa7d - Fixed incorrectly triggering real death of entities in 1.8, causing custom drops to not function properly
Commit #95020b - Resolved handleEntityCacheClear not clearing EntityStorage data
Commit #2b9dd2 - Fixed restoring damage data in MONITOR still having other listeners use the non-wanted data
Commit #174422 - Fixed entities that are being removed from the world not always having their data saved
Commit #ad8cdd - Potential fix for hurting multiple entities at the same time causing them to disappear
Commit #4e089c - Fixed ChunkLoadEvent and ChunkUnloadEvent not having entities in them when they are called in latest versions of Paper
Commit #9e71f4 - Fixed an OOB error when interacting with menu
Commit #832cab - Fixed spawners sometime not work if placed in survival
Commit #bb8211 - Fixed stacked entities having their death ticks reach to 20 causing them to disappear
Commit #2e59dc - Fixed incorrect setting the last damage cause
Commit #074718 - Removed the restriction of not placing barrels in off hand
Commit #f0c802 - Changed entity metadata to be removed in delay after entities are removed
Commit #ad5f45 - Fixed a NPE when using WildStacker in 1.19.3 while having spawners override enabled
Commit #a029e3 - Removed ENTITY_LIVING_DEAD field in 1.8.8 (it just doesn't exist)
Commit #a0f329 - Fixed infinite recursive calls when other plugins call custom EntityDamageEvent events
Commit #a22253 - Added support for `ALL` key in place and break charges
Commit #3de6bd - Potential fix for issues with mcmmo and other plugins when entities die
Commit #e76965 - Added better detection for the source damager of entities
Commit #a828ba - Fixed in some cases mobs not being killed correctly and causing them to stay in game but invulnerable
Commit #7e9269 - Changed all plugin dependencies to a different repository
Commit #c692bb - Changed all plugin dependencies to a different repository
Commit #b2627e - Fixed a dupe glitch caused by incorrectly picking up removed items
Commit #74afb0 - Added support for 1.19.3
Commit #eea729 - Fixed detection of stackable items
Commit #8062c7 - Fixed mobs can decrease when spawned by spawners in some cases
Commit #151003 - Fixed incorrect detection of stackable items
Commit #07aed9 - Fixed incorrect detection of when to reduce durability of tools
Commit #39838f - Fixed waxing copper blocks causing the axe to get removed if copper blocks are whitelisted as barrel blocks
Commit #6ca561 - Patched a dupe glitch when picking up items after they were stacked
Commit #b331ed - Fixed spawning of display blocks for barrels not having all their attributes when event is called
Commit #1ddde3 - Fixed errors when mobs from minecart spawners are spawned
Commit #4054ef - Fixed wrong detection of unbreakable of items caused errors to be thrown in some versions
Commit #ce597d - Fixed entities spawn from spawners bypass minimum-required checks when having Paper and spawners disabled
Commit #09f5b4 - Fixed a NPE when checking for unbreakable
Commit #9b63a9 - Fixed entities spawn from spawners bypass minimum-required checks
Commit #a26e73 - Potential fix for glitched textures when using 1.8
Commit #4f8f3c - Fixed the plugin not working in 1.7 because of missing libraries
Commit #ccd482 - Added charge-bypass permission
Release 2022.6
Commit #b068fc - Added more debug messages to spawners
Commit #ad29dd - Fixed errors when scute is dropped while scuteMultiply is true
Commit #bb6b71 - Fixed non-stacked entities don't have their drops overridden
Commit #17f7e3 - Added the ability to debug spawners
Commit #d47d89 - Fixed damaging entities not working correctly
Commit #2c00f0 - Fixed a NPE when killing mobs
Commit #2e7079 - Fixed the event not being cancelled if a second damage event was called
Commit #0ceb86 - Fixed the last entity damage event always have a damage value of 0
Commit #f11c93 - Fixed cast exception when villagers are killed by zombies
Commit #7ab835 - Fixed fix-stack not working properly
Commit #714a60 - Fixed a cast error when items are spawning in some versions
Commit #05ce78 - Potential fix for handling items pickup of stacked items
Commit #506094 - Removed internal events in favor of interface based listeners
Commit #47ed1a - Rearranged nms methods between different classes
Commit #268fb3 - Potential support for mcmmo healthbars
Commit #5eb75f - Fixed incorrect detection of non-stackable items within the SystemManager#spawnItemWithAmount method
Commit #b671a8 - Fixed a compiling error with newer versions of 1.19.2
Commit #b9da8e - Fixed missing field error with latest versions of Paper
Commit #1997de - Potential fix for spawners not being overridden by WildStacker
Commit #6629b0 - Changed "not enough space" failure-reason to only be shown if there are no others
Commit #4a5c2b - Fixed failure reason not shown in the manage menu of spawners
Commit #35ecf1 - Fixed spawn conditions are not fully overridden
Commit #0d0186 - Fixed an error when dropping exp causing mobs to be invinsible
Release 2022.5
Commit #9ffb97 - Fixed experience orbs have a CUSTOM spawn reason (Paper)
Commit #122ca8 - Fixed experience orb spawn-reason is "CUSTOM" instead of "ENTITY_DEATH" in 1.17.1
Commit #d73f11 - Fixed some issues with spawners spawning infinite amount of entities, causing entities to not stack together and more
Commit #228fed - Fixed gear equipped when stacked items is enabled not having drop chance of 2
Commit #2559ff - Removed leftover debug code
Commit #ec3b8b - Removed obfuscated nms in favor of mojang-mappings jars
Commit #9e3fc8 - Added support for EntityDataContainer to save data in 1.8 instead of NBTInjector
Commit #e84016 - Fixed barrels filling with water disappearing
Commit #ccd50c - Fixed mushrooms tracker not resetting tracked data causing other mobs to have their stack sizes set as well
Commit #35d2fa - Fixed an error thrown when running on 1.8 or 1.7 due to missing EntityBreedEvent
Commit #3caec2 - Changed it so when the plugin fails to retrieve mappings for server the plugin doesn't fail to load
Commit #38b566 - Removed debug message
Commit #3719bc - Fixed smart breeding not calling EntityBreedEvent
Commit #88c38e - Removed debug spawning of skeletons
Commit #6c45f7 - Changed spawnItemWithAmount to not drop stacked items when items stacking is disabled
Commit #36d99e - Fixed detection of NBTInjector
Commit #ee012e - Fixed gameEvent of ENTITY_DIE not being fired when entities die
Commit #15e2f6 - Fixed an error caused when placing a slime spawner
Commit #599834 - Fixed incorrect detection of 1.19 methods
Commit #13b044 - Fixed incorrect check for loot filters
Commit #004350 - Fixed support for 1.19 (Untested)
Commit #58565b - Fixed defaultExp parameter not being used when getting exp of entities
Commit #316ad7 - Fixed async calls to get exp of entities in 1.19
Commit #a789ad - Fixed a duplication glitch
Commit #620e34 - Changed mappings checking to be done against a remote server instead of hardcoded values
Release 3.8.1
Commit #e5de5f - Corrected warning message when nms mappings are not supported
Commit #ae5430 - Added nms mappings check before loading the plugin
Commit #fbec4b - Fixed magma_cube1_19.json loot table generates in 1.19 after a restart
Commit #50cb7e - Removed test remaps
Commit #61c24f - Updated magma cube loot table for 1.19 with all froglight colors
Commit #bb6b19 - Added more deep filtering system for loot tables
Commit #1f74e4 - Moved all nms classes to be under their own version package
Commit #8cd2f1 - Added the ability to apply more than one Remap to method/fields/etc
Commit #4f1634 - Fixed all possible nms issues with 1.19 nms and reallocated all mapping classes
Commit #e8b330 - Fixed mamga cubes not dropping froglight when killed by frogs
Commit #22ac64 - Fixed errors with nms in 1.19.1, dropping support for 1.19
Commit #45e7cb - Added the ability to disable sneaking requirement for opening spawners menu
Commit #7684e7 - Fixed small slimes do not stack when spawning
Commit #e24706 - Fixed entities having their name tags when having a stack size of 0
Commit #fb46a1 - Potential fix for errors when calculating entity xp to drop in 1.19
Commit #7ebeae - Fixed typo in the lang file making color to not work
Commit #536b53 - Fixed incorrect detection of spawner upgrades causing spawners with different upgrades to merge together
Commit #081149 - Potentially fixed issues with the entities_stacking island flag not registered to SSB
Commit #85b179 - Fixed metrics throwing errors when gathering data
Release 3.8.0
Commit #5e6953 - Added 1.19 support
Commit #0f360d - Added permission field for loot commands
Commit #6e5002 - Added the ability to consume food from entire inventory when using smart-breeding
Commit #b5dba8 - Fixed different type of spawners cannot have two different ladders
Commit #af7a70 - Suppressed `Entity is already tracked!` error in 1.8
Commit #6150b9 - Fixed hex color support with item names
Commit #679541 - Fixed items not taken out of the hand of players when smart-breeding is enabled
Commit #2063b1 - Added checks listeners, so they don't work while barrels are disabled
Commit #010593 - Optimized detection of barrels when right clicking holograms
Commit #a7e863 - Added debug message when registering custom island flag
Commit #66f001 - Fixed mcmmo hook throwing errors when using Java 16
Commit #05ee74 - Potentially fixes issue with entities able to bypass chunk limits
Commit #3909db - Fixed breeding food is taken from entire inventory instead of only hand
Commit #715931 - Fixed detection of tool types causing them to not take damage
Commit #114780 - Fixed mob spawning from spawners taking a few ticks to occur causing other plugins to not work as intended
Commit #3dc945 - Fixed equipment from entities is dropped with full durability in 1.18.2
Commit #bddf7a - Fixed holograms being removed async when cache clear occurs
Commit #f1567a - Fixed pigs not detected when trasnformed into zombified piglins by a lightning
Release 3.7.0
Commit #9ebd74 - Added support for CoreProtect API v9
Commit #4e8378 - Fixed incorrect nms mappings
Commit #2d010a - Added support for MythicMobs 5
Commit #2acce6 - Fixed changing pickup delay of spawned items throwing errors in 1.18.2
Commit #5460bb - Added support for 1.18.2
Commit #d3760a - Fixed incorrect detection of biomes with spawn conditions
Commit #57f4cd - Fixed non-stackable error when exp orbs are spawned
Commit #c75f46 - Updated wrong reflection names in 1.18.1
Commit #26e771 - Removed support for 1.15
Commit #15ded7 - Fixed experience orbs having CUSTOM spawn reason instead of DEFAULT
Commit #942852 - Fixed issues with castings to EntityInsentient class in nms
Commit #8d34d4 - Potential fix for plugin's instance in the API class not being initialized
Commit #64c9e4 - Fixed a cast exception when awarding kill scores
Commit #324107 - Fixed sheared mobs not spawning with the correct spawn reason
Commit #8140f5 - Fixed reflection errors when villagers turn into zombie villagers
Commit #c70a0a - Fixed a NPE when mobs get damaged by non-entity sources
Commit #1f375e - Fixed infinite particles spawning when cancelling spawning of mobs of spawners
Commit #17b999 - Fixed picking up items not triggering achievements in 1.8 or below
Commit #4e88db - Fixed issues with giving achievements/advancements to players when killing entities
Commit #5bbe80 - Fixed transformed entities not stacking to nearby entities
Commit #22df02 - Made transformed entities to stack with nearby entities when they are transformed
Commit #8d9d5b - Added cache-clear for entities when their spawn events are cancelled
Commit #b809f9 - Fixed weird behaviors of the plugin when having Turkish as the system's language
Commit #184a80 - Fixed really old CoreProtect versions are not detected correctly
Commit #a71717 - Fixed entities entering vehicles causing an infinite event loop
Commit #164cec - Changed java compiling version of FastAsyncWorldEdit to Java 16
Release 3.6.3
Commit #346431 - Added upgrade menu lang
Commit #59d4a2 - Fixed barrels place menu not working
Commit #43e857 - Fixed mcmmo new hook not compiling
Commit #1b5d9c - Fixed issues with detection the correct version of FAWE
Commit #49d503 - Added support for latest mcmmo versions
Commit #0b1337 - Fixed async removal of barrel holograms
Commit #a31e64 - Fixed slimes split not having their stack amounts in some cases
Commit #07f756 - Updated CommentedConfiguration implementation
Commit #55c1e4 - Potential fix for duplication of comments in configs
Commit #825718 - Merge branch 'master' into dev
Commit #eaf545 - Deleted unused method
Commit #449b81 - Added check for powered status of creepers
Commit #3afa8a - Fixed turtles can exceed stack limit if they lay more eggs than the stack limit
Commit #65f49f - Fixed not all MythicMobsHook aspects registered due to an incorrect detection of the hook
Commit #533cb5 - Fixed name providers always take in action even when not needed
Commit #de1392 - Fixed economyProvider not registered correctly
Commit #f8a9c1 - Fixed CoreProtect hook not working with API v7 & v8
Commit #ea87ba - [CI-SKIP] Added FastAsyncWorldEdit2 to the compiling settings
Commit #816cb0 - Fix issues with support for latest FastAsyncWorldEdit
Commit #273772 - Merge branch 'dev'
Commit #48ef3c - Merge branch 'dev'
Commit #d79c4a - Updated maintenance for 2021 in readme
Commit #314348 - Update bug reports template