Release 2023.3
Commit #d5d8b4 - Fixed not all methods are called for events fired by WildTools, causing half-working support for some plugins
Commit #dc94c4 - Fixed cancelling CrowbarWandUseEvent not preventing spawners from dropping
Commit #377614 - Added support to 1.20.2
Commit #44c9e7 - Fixed detection of supported and unsupported versions
Commit #6c0cce - Removed support for 1.19 versions that are not recent
Commit #bf480d - Optimized some methods and handling of different aspects of the plugin
Commit #fd9f65 - Fixed a NPE when having no tools available
Commit #d38bb1 - Fixed lightning wands not having their uses reduced in 1.8
Commit #61f677 - Fixed issues regarding ShopsBridge when having multiple plugins of BG-Software installed
Commit #2f1747 - Fixed not all blocks are updated in some cases
Commit #3d6c8c - Updated ShopsBridge to b6 - Fixed `NoSuchMethodError` with latest versions of ExcellentShop
Commit #233195 - Fixed a dupe glitch when having attached blocks broken by cuboid tools
Commit #babf7c - Optimized when force update should occur
Commit #6e5c69 - Fixed conflicts between different chunk-hopper plugins
Commit #9be2aa - Added support to bulk selling items for better performance
Commit #7e0831 - Added support to ExcellentShop
Release 2023.2
Commit #213447 - Added support to 1.20.1
Commit #f4cc94 - Fixed builder wands go through crops
Commit #b55f6b - Added support for more shop plugins by using ShopsBridge
Commit #bf82bc - Added support for more shop plugins by using ShopsBridge
Commit #bd28b7 - Fixed builder wands cannot place blocks through some blocks
Commit #ff86bc - Fixed nether warts not added to player inventories in 1.8/1.12
Commit #0d326e - Fixed NoSuchMethodError from CraftChunk#getHandle in 1.19.4 Spigot
Commit #681b68 - Fixed glow enchantment not working properly
Commit #37b1ba - Fixed issues with dropping items once and for all
Commit #dbec30 - Fixed items not dropped in 1.8
Commit #4c67e3 - Fixed an issue with dropping items in 1.8
Release 2023.1
Commit #af83ec - Removed support for 1.18.1
Commit #485dfe - Fixed wands taking durability if the break/place of a block is prevented
Commit #d1e7fa - Fixed an out-of-bounds error with the builder wand when placing blocks at the top of the world
Commit #d5e662 - Added support for 1.19.4
Commit #7a7de7 - Fixed floating blocks (that may lead to duplicates) when using tools of the plugin
Commit #ff7ea2 - Fixed a NPE when hitting stuff with empty hands
Commit #31047e - Overall clean-code for the plugin
Commit #68650b - Reworked on the way blocks are updated by the plugin
Commit #88a795 - Changed plugin dependencies to another repository
Commit #f61813 - Added support for 1.19.3
Commit #c783d5 - Fixed affected blocks list in the HarvesterHoeUseEvent not include seeded blocks
Commit #65eff1 - Fixed errors when starting the plugin in 1.12
Release 2022.7
Commit #a7cd69 - Removed obfuscated nms in favor of mojang-mappings jars
Commit #7fc56f - Fixed a ClassCastException thrown when breaking blocks
Commit #01456e - Changed it so when failing to retrieve the mappings for the server the plugin doesn't fail to load
Commit #0c94bd - Fixed support for 1.19 (Untested)
Commit #c66e53 - Changed mappings checking to be done against a remote server instead of hardcoded values
Commit #8bba6b - Removed mappings check in 1.17
Commit #60028c - Removed leftover debug message
Commit #318e44 - Fixed tools can break unbreakable blocks
Release 2.13.1
Commit #5a32f7 - Added nms mappings check before loading the plugin
Commit #32b11d - Fixed picking up items when WildStacker is installed not reducing durability for magnet wands
Commit #26f81d - Fixed items do not drop due to recent commits
Commit #343eac - Moved all nms classes to their own version packages
Commit #94b393 - Added nms utilities to better detect incorrect usage of nms
Commit #a07aea - Added support for ShopGUIPlus 1.78
Commit #02549f - Fixed interacting with blocks that are not chests using some wands throwing errors
Commit #4ff3a8 - Fixed NoSuchMethodError thrown when using Purpur in 1.19
Commit #360d8f - Fixed harvester hoes replacing dirt with spawners instead of farmland in 1.19
Commit #74b8d5 - Fixed some tools not checking for block access correctly
Commit #d7c07d - Fixed omni tools not working correctly in 1.19
Commit #c5d611 - Fixed issues with items not dropped in 1.19
Release 2.13.0
Commit #6006da - Added nms support for 1.19
Commit #50341d - Fixed cast errors when having anti-xray of paper enabled
Release 2.12.1
Commit #e1f58e - Fixed errors when dropping items on ground in 1.18.2
Commit #66f9a3 - Fixed drops not dropping due to the DropsProvider not returning correct values
Commit #e59b70 - Fixed incorrect usage of getBlockDrops command
Commit #ba9b9f - Changed DropsProvider getBlockDrops behavior to give the ability for hooks to tell WildTools to handle drops instead
Commit #1b8431 - Fixed blocks tracking for mcmmo not working on latest versions of the plugin
Commit #702e8d - Potential fix for cast exceptions when having paper's anti xray enabled
Commit #c4c88e - Fixed errors when using ShopGUIPlus 1.73
Release 2.12.0
Commit #593b63 - Added support for 1.18.2
Commit #0e335d - Removed support for 1.15
Release 2.11.4
Commit #16fce6 - Added the ability to set custom models for tools
Commit #119dc8 - Updated CommentedConfiguration implementation
Commit #4911d1 - Cleaned mcMMO hook code
Commit #29c775 - Fixed mcMMO hook not working with latest build of mcMMO
Commit #75596f - Fixed prices provider not registered causing the sell wands to not work
Commit #90cc36 - Fixed errors when anti-xray is disabled