Supported MC Versions: 1.8.9, 1.12.2, 1.16.4, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.4, 1.20.X
Supported Platforms: Spigot and Paper

WildChests brings more chests into the game. Sell chests, auto-crafters,
storage units, larger chests and many more!

• Remember how trapped chests were exciting? Think about multiple new chests!
The plugin gives more functionalities to the boring vanilla chests. Larger chests with multiple pages, chests that automatically craft items for you, unlimited storage chests and more, all in one plugin!
• Hoppers are laggy, chunk collectors aren't.
Alongside of all the new chests, the plugin also brings a chunk collector to the game. You can get all of items to get picked up right into the collector chest, and by making it act as a sell-chest, your players can easily get money from their farms - that's how business work nowadays.
• Particlessss
Every chest can have particles. Yes, that's all I have for this section.
• Premium plugin at no cost!
Until 1st January, 2021, WildChests was a paid resource with more than 650 unique customers! Today, the same WildChests plugin is free, with all the features included to make sure you get the best quality for no cost!​
• The plugin is provided "as is".
Due to a busy schedule that I have IRL, I can't guarantee frequent updates. I will do my best to patch major issues. You can find dev builds with more patches and bug fixes on the top-right corner of the page!​

You can read more about WildChests on the wiki page!​​

Latest stable build
2024.1 11/05/2024 19:54:55
Dev Builds
#41 11/05/2024 19:40:08
#40 11/05/2024 18:53:50
#39 11/05/2024 14:54:39
#38 10/05/2024 14:07:16
#37 29/04/2024 19:16:38
#36 29/04/2024 18:48:22
#35 06/04/2024 11:16:57
#34 30/03/2024 12:51:28
#33 08/03/2024 13:31:26
#32 08/03/2024 12:34:16