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WildChests brings more chests into the game. Sell chests, auto-crafters, global ender chests, larger chests, phisical player vaults and many more!
Make sure you test the plugin before you purchase on wild.bg-software.com


- Fully Customizable Chests
- Sell Chests
- Auto Crafters
- Multiple Pages Chests
- Storage Units (infinite storage)
- Link chests into others
- Configurable messages
- Configurable settings​


/chests give <player-name> <chest-name> [amount] - Give a custom chest to a player.
/chests info <chest-name> - Shows information about a chest.
/chests link - Links a linked chest into another chest.
/chests reload - Reload the settings and the language files.
/chests save - Save all cached data into files.
/chests settings - Open settings editor.


wildchests.* - Gives access to all the commands.
wildchests.give - Gives access to give chests to other players.
wildchests.info - Gives access to see information about a chest.
wildchests.link - Gives access to link linked chests into other chests.
wildchests.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files.
wildchests.save - Gives access to save database into files.
wildchests.settings - Gives access to use settings editor.