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WildStacker is suitable for servers with a lot of entities and drops which want to reduce the server-lag that they cause without changing the game experience.
Make sure you test the plugin before you purchase on wild.bg-software.com


Items Stacker:
- Configurable merge radius
- Configurable stack names
- Blacklist drops
- Set drop limits
- Set disabled worlds
- 64 stack size for all items in inventory
- Enable/disable displaying stack names
- Buckets stacker in inventory​
- Stews stacker in inventory​

Entities Stacker:
- Configurable merge radius
- Configurable stack names
- Blacklist entities
- Set entity limits
- Set disabled worlds
- Blacklist spawn reasons
- Blacklist custom names
- Enable/disable auto-stack task
- Enable/disable kill-all task
- 35 toggleable stack checks
- Toggleable stack splits
- Linked entities feature for spawners
- Instant stack-kill death reasons
- Nerfed entities
- Stack down
- Keep fire to the next stack
- Lowest health keeper
- Hide stack names​

Spawners Stacker:
- Configurable merge radius
- Configurable stack names
- Blacklist spawner types
- Set spawner limits
- Set disabled worlds
- Chunk merge
- Explosions drop spawners
- Explosions destroy whole stack
- Silk-touch drop spawners
- No silk-touch drop spawners
- Drop to inventory
- Shift break whole stack
- Floating names
- Break menu
- Placement permission
- Shift place
- Break/place money charger​

Barrels Stacker (aka. Blocks Stacker):
- Configurable merge radius
- Configurable stack names
- Whitelist blocks
- Set barrel limits
- Set disabled worlds
- Chunk merge
- Explosion destroy whole stack
- Toggleable stack mode
- Configurable toggle command​


/stacker give <player-name> <spawner/egg/barrel> <entity-type/material-type> <stack-size> - Give a stacked spawn-egg or spawner to players.
/stacker info - Shows information about a spawner.
/stacker inspect <player-name> [amount] - Give an inspect tool to a player.
/stacker kill [radius=?] [type=?] [spawn=?] [config<true/false>] - Kill all the stacked mobs in the server.
/stacker reload - Reload the settings and the language files.
/stacker save - Save cached entities and items to database.
/stacker settings - Open settings editor.
/stacker simulate <player-name> [amount] - Give a simulate tool to a player.
/stacker stats - See all the cached stats of WildStacker.
/stacker test - Test the status of the stacking thread.


wildstacker.* - Gives access to all the commands.
wildstacker.give - Gives access to give spawner and eggs to players.
wildstacker.info - Gives access to get information about a spawner.
wildstacker.kill - Gives access to kill all stacked-entities.
wildstacker.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files.
wildstacker.silktouch - Gives access to get spawners with silk-touch.
wildstacker.nosilkdrop - Gives access to get spawners without silk-touch.
wildstacker.settings - Gives access to use settings editor.
wildstacker.place.* - Gives access to place all spawner types.
wildstacker.nextplace - Gives access to place spawners next to others when the feature is disabled.
wildstacker.stats - Gives access to get all stats about cached data.
wildstacker.toggle - Gives access to use the toggle command if enabled.